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the number of rape cases in berkeley nearly doubles. we hear from police and residents. next.
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> san francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding additional dan therrien, the man kron 4
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first identified as a suspect in the disappearance. of kevin collins in 19-84. kron 4's grant lodes explains what we have learned so far.
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dan therrien - has a history of kidnapping and sexual assault involving children. in 1981, therrien was arrested in the fisherman's wharf area for kidnapping and lewd acts on a child. he was bailed out, then did not show up for his court date. that outstanding warrant, and pleaded giulty to felony lewd acts on a child. probation. wanted in canada for a 1973 incident. sexually assaulted 2 children. therrien was initially arrested and charged. fled canada. and 19-56 stewart. wayne jackson. contact them. if they ever of these names. san francisco's police chief greg suhr says the kevin haunted both him and his department. spoke with kron-4's terisa estacio about the latest at a news conference just hours ago, police revealed why therrien refered to by authorities as jackson - an alias is the primary disappearance. >> you can imagine what our initial response was. a bit of a pause. disappearance.
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they did provide her with this information. >> reporter: terisa estacio, kron 4. >> at a news conference, they continue to provide information on why he is a primary suspect. >> this information of his criminal history, and his possession of having a black dog. continuingcontinuing with our team coverage, kron four's jeff bush spoke with kevin's aunt and uncle. for their reaction to the new developments in the case. >> reporter: michael and jackie deasyshowing us items from kevin's disappearance scrapbook. you can see how much media attention the case broughtall those years ago. throughout that time, they both wondered every day
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what happened to their nephew. michael wonders why police failed to look more closely at dan therrian. >> he was arrested and ultimatly convicted in san francisco in 1982 of kidnapping and molesting a young boy and he got six months in prison and three years probation but almost as soon as he was out kevin disappeared. >> reporter: michael says there is cruel irony in the latest developments in the case. >> the kevin collins foundation had an office right next door to where this guy was on the corner of masonic and page street. we were at 1102. he was at 1108. and, it's sick to think this character was right next door. i don't think kevin was alive at the time but somehow, we feel, i feel that they should have been able to do something to catch him right then and there.
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>> reporter: michael hopes the truth clues will turn up but feels like justice may never be served. >> you can't do anything to the guy. he's dead. but, find out for sure that it was him and the family can put it to rest after almost 30 years. best that kevin's family can hope for. i'm jeff bush in brentwood, kron four news >> crime in the city of berkeley is up. according to the police chief. one crime rate category that has skyrocketed. is cases of rape. kron four's philippe djegal reports on the staggering year to year increase. >> reporter: in 2012. the berkeley police department says there were 39 reported rape cases. nine of those were attempted rapes. compared to 20 rapes in 2011. that's a 95-percent rise from year to year. investigations captain andy greenwood saying during a tuesday night crime report presentation to the city council. that the overwhelming
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majority of the rapes happened in the neighborhoods surrounding the u-c berkeley campus. where there is a dense student population. police say alcohol and or drugs were inolved in almost half of the cases. police say none of the attacks involved a stranger entering a home. and, only two involved a stranger on the street. police say the majority of the victims were raped by and acquaintance, friend, or people involved in past dating relationships. investigators here at the police department say there is no clear reason for the increase. other than that maybe the victims were more willing to report the crimes to police. the police department says it is conducting additional sexual assault and prevention training. which includes outreach to the public. in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. according to the police chief, overall crime in the city of berkeley was up 11- percent from year-to-year.
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larcenies account for most of the increase in 20-12. that includes petty theft, grand theft, and auto burglaries. and there were also five - homicides last year. compared to one in 2011. developing tonight. new details released about the deadly triple shooting at a rural home in sonoma county. sheriff officials say the three men found gunned down tuesday on this rural property near sebastopol were a victims of a drug deal gone very wrong. >> "i can describe the scene is being you know a lot of blood at the scene with the three gun shot victims" >> pam: at a news conference today sheriff officials said they believe the three victims were buying pot from an unknown number of suspects. the bodies were found in a bedroom of the home the three victims have been identified as the 46 year- old richard lewin, 42 year- old todd klarkowski from,
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and 26 year-old raleigh butler. police are searching for a suspect or several suspects. autopsies are schedules for thursday that should show if multiple guns were involved. >> jacqueline: we did to see clearer skies and mild temperatures but changes are coming. the increase with clouds. this storm to the west coast. starting in a regatta is already out to the pacific northwest. his expansive, over the entire west coast and offshore this will be moving, overnight. the futurecast with showers approaching the coast. and bumping up along the coast. this could impact your commute. we will time it out on futurecast, coming up. >> pam: police releasing the
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final known image of the suisun city girl found dead in a fairfield park. as they continue to look for her killer. >> a new program aims to help cut costs while improving the earthquake safety of bay area buildings. plus. lance armstrong gets some extra time to think about an offer from the u-s anti doping agency. ♪ well, well, well.
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police are looking for an escaped suspect in san jose. wanted for outstanding probation violation warrants tonight. 32 year old anthony sanchez was in police custody earlier today, when an arresting officer was briefly distracted with paperwork. that's when the handcuffed suspect. jumped into the front seat of an unmarked police van, and drove off. the van was eventually found. but a search for sanchez is still ongoing. >> gary: coming up a young man with a beard got rich. and we are telling you about
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stanford, their top draft choice later in this broadcast. >> jacqueline: this rain will push through if this could impact your drive, coming up.
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>> fairfield police are currently analyzing surveillance video from the area. where 13-year-old murder victim genelle conway- allen was last seen
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in a news conference today, police would not confirm whether a suspect had been identified. they did release this picture taken last thursday afternoon. it is believed to be the last known image of the young girl. a memorial continues to grow at alan will park where her body was found. ---at alan witt park.. statement saying. quote.: >> "this has been a devastating tragedy for our family and our community. we need to thank everyone for at the memorial site" >> pam: a just released arrest report from the california highway patrol shows. more than 50 people were arrested on super bowl sunday. those people were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. two d-u-i related car accidents also took place in which individuals suffered >> pam: san francisco mayor ed lee is calling on thousands of property owners in the city. to retrofit so- called "soft story structures" that are exceptionally vulnerable to earthquakes. the city has identified thousands of buildings which need the retrofitting. and the upgrades would run
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property owners thousands of dollars. kron-4's alecia reid is in san francisco with more. >> reporter: this will be one of the buildings proposed by the supposed regulations. this recommended mandate is targeting this building that is known to be vulnerable. wood frame buildings with three or more stories. with also, if there were built before the year, 1978. these buildings could be week with a garage on the fourth floor or and open construction spot like this. the 1989 threat earthquake is very real. retrofitting is essentials. >> from the foundation, down. the probability of a larger required, 7-8
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magnitude in the next 30 years is greater than 30%. we are looking at very significant statistics >> reporter: 3000-4000 homes are in danger. the entire city would be impacted. >> not only to the risk of an owner, a risk to the entire buildings. the entire housing market, workforce and entire workforce and city recover quickly could be impacted >> reporter: this mandate is expected to pass and retrofitting will be $100,000. banks and the city will reach out to homeowners. alicia read, kron 4. the u-s anti -doping agency is giving cyclist lance armstrong more time to decide. if he will speak with its investigators. the agency banned armstrong for life from sports. and
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had given him until today to speak with investigators under oath. if he wanted the ban reduced. now u-s-a-d-a officials say, they have agreed to give armstrong until february 20th to try to work something out. the agency hopes armstrongs' testimony would help investigators crack down on sports doping. by giving them more insight into the practice. >> now for a check on weather. this is a live look outside at. mount tam. clear for now but rain clouds are supposed to roll in jacqueline? >> jacqueline: pam, those wearing clouds are just to the north of us. showers and rainfall for thursday even friday. temperatures are cooler. we will rebound right into the warmer side. we will talk more about that but first the satellite
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and radar. the increase with cloud but the main band is to the north. pushing through your rica. this system is draped over the west coast. let us take a look on futurecast. the showers are off shore. and by 7:00 a.m., santa rosa, getting hit with moderate rainfall. showers this will be a fast-moving system. it is already to the golden gate. by 9. oakland, concord, moderate. and even pushing towards the south bay with heavier rainfall over mountain view. lingering showers to the south and drier conditions for the most part in the early afternoon. more rain as the core of the storm dropped towards the coast. and coastal showers will be continuing with rain through the peninsula. check this
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out. take a look at the el diablo range. that is snowfall! the possibility that 2005 hundred feet, locally and also spotty showers isolated with storms. right near the coast. however, things are certainly going to reduce. it is going to be a cooler. 10 degrees or more. if 55 in san jose. and the additional 2 4 ft. on friday but that is going to be it for a while. once we get through tomorrow and friday dry, warm conditions. 60s but we will be dealing with the chilly morning hours.
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>> pam: in sports. a bearded relief pitcher re-signs with the giants for two years. we'll let you know which one. and the road-weary warriors try to shake off their blowout loss to the rockets. but it get no easier as the oklahoma city thunder are ready and waiting. gary's next with sports. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed.
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warriors/thunder >> gary: kevin durant russell westbrook 1st quarter stephen curry steal and dish to harrision barnes for the 2nd quarter, 61-44 okc thunder on the break.and westbrook takes it all the way and is fouled 64-44 thunder 3rd quarter, 96-74 okc durant pokes it way from curry and he gets it back for the dunk final: 119-98 thunder plantar fashia r of pau gasol...with an mri.. >> gary: stanford/ arizona stanford at pac-12 leading
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arizona dwight powell hits the right-handed hook 29-26 stanford arizona's mark lyons cuts back door for the lay up.58-54 arizona final: 73-66 arizona . sergio romo last out of world series and at parade illegal" t-shirt he was able to of the board of arbitration. her on all of their players. they keep the good will for the man that made bryan will some.
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san francisco 49ers tight end delanie walker faced tragedy shortly after losing the super bowl. his aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver. alice and bryan young were traveling in their car when they pulled over and parked off the side of the highway. another driver, who was drunk, swerved off the highway and struck them. the at the scene. the driver suffered only minor injuries. announced the terrible news 34,000. running back alex collins of plantation florida announced alabama had the number one class. ucla, was 31 and the pact calls. the raiders have the smallest seeding capacity in professional football. they are going to get rid of
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mounted davis and put a tarp up just like the oakland a's to do. a good section of the third deck and trying to get people come to the game by only charging $25.48 ticket. again, when they go for $25, 48 ticket. --and ending with a funny story. this young man, in florida, alex collins announced monday that he wanted to go to monday he would attend arkansas his mom wanted him to stay close to home and go to miami so she went to the school and swiped his letter of intent before he could sign it dissapeared with the letter and has yet to be tracked down by her son. >> pam: goodnight.

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